Employment Rights Act (ERA) Employee Services

Our range of ERA services enhance an all-inclusive suite of solutions to Insolvency Practitioners looking for efficiency and cost effectiveness, without compromising on quality. Listed below are our areas of expertise and value-added capabilities. These services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and are offered on a fixed priced basis to give you peace of mind. Expertise is provided in:

Administration Planning

Understanding potential employee claims helps Insolvency Practitioners choose the best outcome for all stakeholders. Clumber ERA will support you through the insolvency planning process.

Claims Processing

At the core of every ERA activity, claims processing with employees can be time consuming and laborious. Clumber ERA works through each step ensuring the quality of data and decision making. From collating employee data to working with the Insolvency Service to secure timely payments, you can depend on Clumber ERA to process claims efficiently and support employees. Of course, Clumber ERA can calculate both Statements of Affairs and TUPE liabilities.

On-site or off, Clumber ERA offers presentations and meetings to help staff understand their rights and the process of making claims. Additionally, we can assist in completing forms and mediate should company records and employee claims conflict.

Preferential and Unsecured Balancing Claims

Calculating claims, liaising with the Insolvency Service and agreeing claims with claimants. Clumber ERA ensures IPs make timely dividend payments to both preferential and unsecured creditors.

RTI Processing

If dividends are paid, Clumber ERA calculates any National Insurance and Tax due and processes the RTI submission to HMRC on your behalf.

Consultation Support

Employee consultation is a vital - and legal - step in any administration that keeps a business operating. Clumber ERA manages the consultation process and documents all agreements, helping you focus on the right outcome. Our services might include:

Onsite redundancy surgeries and/or dedicated telephone hotline support

  • Consultation with union representatives
  • Consultation with elected employee representatives

P45 and Other Form Preparation

Sometimes the company payroll does not issue all P45s, Clumber ERA will fill this gap using company payroll records. Other provision can include:

  • P11D’s
  • Benefits Agency forms
  • Redundancy/Mortgage/Loan Protection Insurance administration
  • SSP1 and SMP1 forms

Trading Payroll

If you are trading a business in insolvency Clumber ERA can provide payroll services during the trading period. This includes payroll calculations, pension deductions and submission of RTI and on the employees either leaving or transferring issuing of a P45.