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Pension Services for Insolvency Professionals

Our highly experienced team help Insolvency Practitioners and business owners to effectively wind up or administer Occupational Pension Schemes following a business insolvency.

Through our pension consultancy service, we also provide pre-liquidation advice on the requirements and possible debt exposures triggered by entering liquidation, whether compulsory or voluntary.

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Employment Rights Act (ERA) Employee Services

Our comprehensive range of ERA services enhance an all-inclusive suite of solutions to Insolvency Practitioners looking for efficiency and cost effectiveness, without compromising on quality.

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Pension Consultancy

Cyber Security

Our cyber security expertise can be offered to any UK business, including insolvent entities. Through a variety of services, we can help you better understand and protect the data that you are responsible for in an ever-changing threat landscape.

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Why use Clumber Consultancy

Clumber Consultancy has a highly experienced and professional team, whose primary focus is ensuring that Office Holders in an insolvency appointment remain compliant, whilst supporting employees to achieve what they are entitled upon redundancy.

Vivid Vision

“Your company is your dream, one that you want to share with your staff, clients, and stakeholders and Vivid Vision is the tool you need to make that dream a reality."

Managing Director Darren's road map to Clumber Consultancy's success is a frank forward looking account of how he wants the company to look in 3 years' time.

We're proud to share our Vivid Vision with you via this download.

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